An exclusive program for those who want everything at once
Shooting from the most popular weapon of our VIP arsenal. You and your guests* enjoy shooting from pistols, carbines, revolvers and rifles: SPHINX 3000, Tanfoglio Stock III, Armscor M1911, Beretta 92 FS, Glock 34, STI Steelmaster, STI EDGE, Walther PPQ, Sig Sauer P226 X-Five Allround, MP-446 Viking (Yarygin pistol), S-PMA (Makarov pistol), Smith & Wesson 625 JM, Roni (Tactical kit for Glock 17), Saiga-9 Yarovit, V-AR, Vepr KM VPO 136 (AK-47), Saiga 030 (AK-74), Benelli M4 Super 90 and others - in the comfortable conditions of our club.

The program is conducted individually with an instructor one-on-one or together with your friends.

  • 18 weapons from the club's VIP arsenal
Price includes:
  • the number of shots is unlimited
  • safety glasses and headphones
  • Fireline Targets
Number of shooters: 1-4 person

Duration: up to 120 minutes

*from 1 to 4 people can participate in the program at a time.

List of weapons

List of weapons

18 weapons of the guest's choice:

  • CZ Shadow 2, 9х19
  • Tanfoglio Stock III 919 S.A, 9х19
  • Tanfoglio Stock II, 9х19
  • Armscor M1911-A1 FS-Taktikal II, 9х19
  • Walther PPQ, 9х19
  • Beretta 92 X Perfomance, 9х19
  • Beretta 92 FS, 9х19
  • Sig-Sauer P 226 X-Five Allround, 9х19
  • Glock 17 Gen 4, 9х19
  • STI EDGE, .40 S&W
  • Glock 19 X Coyote, 9х19
  • CZ 97B, .45ACP
  • S&W мод. 625 JM, .45 АСP
  • С-ПМА, 9х18

9x19 carbines
  • Saiga-9 Yarovit, 9х19
  • RCS-201S, 9х19
  • V-AR, 9х19

Large caliber carbines
  • Saiga 030, 5,45х39
  • Vepr KM VPO 136, 7,62х39 мм
  • FABARM STF, 12х76
  • Benelli M4 Super 90, 12х76
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